The Nemeton is an internet discussion group for Celtic spirituality, especially the varieties of pre-Christian Celtic Paganism and its contemporary revival. Founded by Erynn Laurie in 1994, It is the oldest email-listserv group of its kind on the internet.

The nemeton is a sacred grove, the holy precinct of the tribe. Within it, druids, poets, musicians, scholars and wise ones assemble to give reverence to the Gods and Goddesses and to learn, teach, and share their experience.

This nemeton is a mailing list for Druids and other Celtic Pagans and their friends. It is a place for research, reflection, debate and discussion. Because there are many places for the discussion of Wicca and shamanism on the net, they are't normally on topic here.

Our focus is on plumbing the depths of Celtic Pagan religions, folklore, mythology and symbolism, with pause for laughter over puns and poetic mead. If references are requested or points contested, try not to take offense, but instead engage with us in learned debate as did the loremasters of the early Celts before us. By seeking high standards, we can build a durable foundation for future generations of Celtic Pagans.

Come with us and explore the three realms of Land, Sea and Sky, and investigate the sidhe mounds through aisling and archaeology.

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